The Top 10 Wellness Tips To Help You Easily Crush Your New Year Goals

How To Stay the Course and Not Totally Abandon Your Resolutions

Robin A Henderson


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We’ve promised ourselves this year is different. This time, we’ll conquer our wellness-based goals and refuse defeat. We’re ready to drop our bad habits and take control of our health.

Then life happens.

There’s an abrupt return to hectic workdays and busy schedules. The Omicron variant is raging in our communities. The new year presents many challenges that knock us off track with our wellness goals.

Between the pandemic, shaky willpower, and our busy lifestyles, it’s tough to start a new wellness routine.

We start to lose steam, overwhelmed with negative thoughts. Who has time for exercise with a never-ending to-do list? Worrying about feeding everyone else leaves me no energy to plan healthy meals. With too much on our plate, the last thing we need is more unrealistic expectations.

The New Year isn’t an excuse to create lofty goals we’ll never reach. It’s an opportunity to redefine what healthy looks like.

None of us should aspire to be perfect. We can, however, practice moderation and honor our progress. This year we’ll stay the course and not veer off of it. The goal is a realistic wellness plan we can sustain.

Here are ten simple tips to help you create healthy habits that stick, so you’re not panicking and pressing the reset button this Spring.

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1. Find simple ways to move your body.

We know the benefits of exercise: better weight management, sleep, and health outcomes. However, after a few weeks of warrior mode in the gym, we’re quick to lose our workout motivation.

Commit to at least fifteen minutes of physical activity each day. Walk in place while binging Netflix. Schedule a walk around the block after dinner. Remember, anything is better than nothing. Staying consistent is how you progress and win.

2. Keep dehydration at



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