The Day I Saw Myself as a True Runner

Robin A Henderson
4 min readSep 15, 2021
Photo by Fotorech on Pixaby

My dad inspires me more than he knows.

I grew up in a household that worshiped the sport of track and field. I remember watching Olympic track and field qualifying events with my parents. From the fiery, flashy Flo Jo to the sophisticated and quick Michael Johnson, track and field athletes were treated like gods in my house.

My father loved the sport so much he became a runner in his thirties.

He’s now in his seventies and still runs. Over the years, my dad has run and competed more times than I can count. A few years ago, he competed in the National Senior Olympics, winning gold and silver medals.

My parents taught my sister and me the benefits of being active, so I looked for ways to move my body. Over the years, I’ve worked out with Jillian Michaels, Shaun T, and Tony Horton. Running, however, never crossed my mind.

Sometimes you need to see yourself in something before you know it’s possible.

I didn’t think running was for me.

While Johnson inspired my dad, there wasn’t anyone who looked like me hitting the pavement. I’ve always carried a few extra pounds. Pounds that, no matter how hard I worked, never seemed to go away.



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