Netflix’s 20 Most Impressive Jewels Audiences May Have Overlooked In 2021

Your search for the next binge is solved.

Robin A Henderson
7 min readDec 24, 2021


Image by: Netflix

Gone are the days of must-see Sunday night HBO dramas that led to watercooler Mondays.

The intense Monday morning discussions of whether Omar Little (RIP Michael K. Williams) from The Wire was going to rob another one of Stringer Bell’s (Idris Elba) corners in Baltimore are a thing of the past.

Instead of arguing over a single episode, we now banter and dissect a complete season, all thanks to streaming.

Netflix has altered what we watch, how we watch it, and why we stay glued to our screens. We’re living in the golden age of storytelling; the weekly routine of view, discuss, and repeat is a bygone era.

There’s now something to satisfy our many interests, giving us plenty to obsess over.

I’ve sifted through Netflix’s entire pile of rubbish, so you don’t have to.

If you’re looking for knock-your-socks-off, make-you-rethink-everything, endorphin-boosting entertainment, then you’re in the right place.

These ingenious stories from bold, contemporary, gifted storytellers are the reason you can’t live without streaming. They’re the ones that justify your Netflix subscription.

These rare and fascinating narratives captivate our attention and command our respect. They are:

  • Stories that will never appear on your feed
  • Films and series Netflix’s algorithm can’t fit inside one specific box
  • Storytellers that restore your faith in imaginative storytelling

You don’t have to wait for Sunday night to watch these stories. They’re the ones you binge on for an entire day — entertainment you instantly discuss over the modern-day version of the water cooler, social media.

These are the 20 most impressive Netflix hidden jewels that may have flown under your radar.

Image by: Netflix




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