7 Mood Boosting Activities You Can Complete in 5 Minutes or Less

How to Benefit from a Quick and Effective Mental Recess

Robin A Henderson


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In a perfect world, we awake in a comforting bed, perform a relaxing morning yoga routine, and ease into a stress-free day.

However, we’re not Disney characters living in a magical kingdom with unlimited wishes.

Most of us start our day with our phones buzzing, kids screaming, dogs barking, and everyone in the house scrambling to get ready.

This breakneck pace makes brushing our teeth laborious and preparing breakfast impossible.

Arising peacefully from a deep slumber with a positive outlook on anything seems like a fantasy from a faraway land.

According to science, we have more control over our happiness than an unrealistic imaginary figure like Snow White.

Studies trace half of our happiness to genetics. However, we can also affect up to 40% of it with our daily thoughts and actions.

Research psychologists invest their time and resources into what boosts our mood and not just what makes us sad.

Taking your mind off your troubles and diverting your attention to what brings you joy is easier said than done.

Personally, going for a quick walk outdoors, discovering a new recipe, or journaling my past successes lifts my spirits.

The more you know what makes you happy, the more enriched your life will be.

Here are seven effortless ways to shift your mood in less than five minutes.

1. Focus on the Familiar

Identify an object in your home, workplace, or outdoors that reminds you of a fond, familiar memory: a cherished heirloom or treasured keepsake.

Anything to bring you back to the beauty and joy you once experienced.

Connect your peaceful past to your overwhelming present through cheerful flashbacks.

2. Enjoy Your Favorite Food

Delight in the delectable by eating a small portion of your favorite food.



Robin A Henderson

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