5 Thrilling Reasons To Admire Arcane — Even if You’re Bored of Animation and Hate Gaming

This Action-Packed Series Is Sure To Please, Whether You’re Familiar With the Game or Not (Mild Spoilers Ahead)

Robin A Henderson
7 min readDec 10, 2021


Image by Riot Games/Netflix

Arcane is hands down the best video game adaption ever made.

There have been valiant attempts in the past. Resident Evil built a franchise with its success, while Ready Player One saw Steven Spielberg capitalize on gaming’s popularity.

Neither of these live-action re-imaginings captured the voracious spirit of the games or communities obsessed with them.

until Arcane

This is Riot Games’ first series. The company based Arcane on League of Legends, their popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. Alex Yee and Christian Linke created the animated adaptation for Netflix and are excited there’s more to come.

Arcane follows two parallel stories in two competing worlds.

Piltover is the prominent wealthy metropolis where technology drives progress. Zaun is the seedy underworld, forced to get by on Piltover’s scraps.

The series stays grounded through its two intimate storylines and its two flawed characters immersed in tragedy, Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) and Jinx (Ella Purnell).

Arcane remains true to its popular fan-favorite source material.

Set in the League of Legends’ past universe, Arcane serves as the game’s prequel. It retells the origin stories of the game’s champions. Both the series and the game are for mature audiences.

Unlike hard-core gaming fans, I’m someone who knows nothing about MOBA.

I grew up playing the classic arcade games Ms. Pacman and Galaga; vintage to me, pre-historic for many. Arcane rekindles my childhood nostalgia in a steampunk frenetic Harley Quinn kind of way.

Arcane is the first video game adaptation that satisfies fans and non-fans alike.

Within the first fifteen minutes, Arcane breaks new ground in the animation genre.



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