5 Easy and Affordable Ways to Improve Your Self Care Routine

Relax and Unwind Without Breaking the Bank

Robin A Henderson


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It’s the end of a long, stressful day.

You undress and jump into a relaxing bubble bath.

This is your non-negotiable me time.

You’ve spent months perfecting a calming spa vibe in your small bathroom sanctuary — the one where all your troubles disappear as soon as you sink into the water.

Smiling, you know you’ve outdone yourself with this latest escape. You allow the luxurious suds to soak over you like a stress-relieving scrub.

You then look around at your curated collection of bath salts, oils, and candles and daydream of ways to replicate this relaxing feeling.

However, we both know life is more than the twenty minutes of daily downtime we feel guilty taking.

Self-care isn’t synonymous with expensive celebrity facials and skincare products. It’s self-love, something everyone requires, regardless of their circumstance.

Our self-care routine should also change and grow based on our needs and lifestyle.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to re-evaluate and rejuvenate our approach to self-care and, thus, self-love.

Instead of phoning it in with an occasional bubble bath, let’s inject more creativity into how we care for ourselves.

Here are five easy and affordable ways to level up your self-care routine, so you stay grounded and calm all day long.

1. Multitask with Movement

Do you sit behind a desk for eight hours, five days a week?

Even if you work out thirty minutes daily, your body requires more to combat the damaging effects of sitting too long.

Multitasking is the simplest way to incorporate more movement into your daily routine.

For example, do squats or bicep curls when waiting on your Zoom call to start. Plug in your headphones, walk around on the call and then stretch after it concludes.

Perform jumping jacks while binging your favorite streaming show, or go for a power walk while listening…



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